It’s taken us several year to complete our new website. We’ve been so busy focusing on our clients’ projects (we’re that dedicated!) that we kept shelving our personal needs aside.

This gave us some time to get to know ourselves a little bit better though, our strengths, our weaknesses, and whether we can realistically be at the office from 9.00am to 5.00pm every working weekday. Let’s just say we’ve decided on a more reasonable and flexible schedule – but we’re always available via email!

We’re kind of industrial chic meets vintage elegance splashed with an east meets west attitude. We’re inspired by modern concepts and traditional designs, and believe in putting our heart and soul into everything we create. Plus, we make sure we get to know our clients too, so we can translate the essence of who you are into a unique and reflective piece of creative design.

So, give us a go. We’re not a big conglomerate – we’re a little creative design studio with very big dreams.


Emir Ezwan
Chief Creative Officer / Art Director / Partner

Engineer by qualification, designer by calling, Emir put aside his knowledge of tinkering with electronic chips to dive head first into his passion for making magical mountains out of design briefs. He likes wearing dark t-shirts to work.

Nadiah Kimie
Chief Operating Officer / Managing Director / Partner

Nadiah didn’t want to work for somebody and decided to start her own company where she gets to play with colours, do layouts and sometimes write. She also lives in tees, and wants to travel more.